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Easy Crocheted Poncho Wrap

Easy Crocheted Poncho WrapI was very pleased with how my latest adventure in crocheting turned out. This easy crocheted poncho wrap came out wonderfully with a yarn called Scarfie by Lion Brand. It is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. I have been going through a book of different crochet stitches to create some different sweater-like garments. The pattern here is quite simple and it goes fast. If you like to keep your hands busy while watching TV this is a perfect project for you.

For me the ideal dimensions for a poncho are 24 inches by 60 inches. Start by chaining enough to measure 24 inches. Use a J hook or one that gives you the desired look. Just think of a larger scarf, because all you are doing is creating a rectangle. Drape the rectangle over one shoulder to form a V in front and sew up the other shoulder. Size the hole to fit your head.

The pattern is just doing 3 single crochets one in each stitch (or chain in the first row) followed by chain 3, skip 3 stitches and then do 3 single crochets in the next 3 stitches and chain 3 again all the way across the 24-inch length. Coming back the other way you single crochet in the single crochet stitches and chain 3 above the chain three stitches in the prior row. It goes quickly and makes a very nice striped pattern with the Scarfie yarn.

You can add little doodads or an edging that you like on the front side of the V to add more length if you like, but the piece looks great just as a rectangle. You may also add something on the shoulder like a flower or pin. Although I went through 3 of the Scarfie skeins, those of you who do afghans or blankets will think this is a breeze by comparison. You can choose the colors you like, the length that fits you best and amaze your friends with a one-of-a-kind stylish easy crocheted poncho wrap.

Malley Craft Show

Malley Craft Show

Just 1 of 70 crocheted animals

Come see me at the Malley Craft Show. Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I will be at the one-day Englewood Holiday Bazaar at the Malley Recreation Center on Saturday, November 5th between 9 and 4. Come by and say howdy. I will be on an inside corner of the Gym. The show is located at 3380 South Lincoln in Englewood. They have plenty of parking across the street and along nearby streets.

I will have toys and STUFFED ANIMALS from my varied collection of over 70 patterns. They are child-sized to fit into small hands. I avoided using buttons on most of the animals because of potential choking hazards. Patterns range from Alligators to Dinosaurs and from Eagles to Octopuses.

Malley Craft Show

Crocodile Stitch

I also have lots of ONE-OF-A-KIND HATS in assorted colors and styles. Just ask for a color and I can see what I’ve got in the way of styles for you.

Other crocheted items include water bottle carriers with a pocket for your cell phone, a few table runners and doilies, some unique “rope” purses and baskets, jar covers (if you’re giving a gift of preserved or canned items and want to wrap them in something special) and a few other surprises.

Remind me that you saw the Malley Craft Show article on my website on the day of the show and get a 20% DISCOUNT on one item. I’ll have an updated blog post on how the show went once I’ve had time to recover!

Colorado’s New Craft Show Season

New Craft Season in Colorado

Racetrack by Yarn by Numbers

Colorado’s new craft show season has begun. I’ve attended two craft shows so far. One of my favorites is the Ketring Park outdoor show held the first Saturday of October. It raises funds for the Littleton Museum. There were lots of tents and plenty to see. I was there a little before opening time and spoke with a co-crocheter named Erika from Yarn by Numbers. She does customized work and specializes in infants and toddlers hats. I loved her imagination with this racetrack and car. Talk about low impact and quiet fun.

I bought a carved scented flower candle for my sister from a lady I met last year. She remembered me and took my husband’s idea to heart by making up some scents for stinky skiers, who smell up their cars. See her work at Studio 2494.

I also got some more soap from the Cotney Peak folks. They have great scents for both ladies and gents, and they saved me a trip to the soap shop in Idaho Springs. If you are looking for a crafter, who has some longevity, these soapmakers have been doing it for 25 years.

I also did a little Christmas shopping from Under the Bark. Take a look at the beautiful woodwork done by Larry Hughes. Larry uses beetle kill pine and reclaimed wood to make his wood “mosaics.”

The other event that I recently attended was the Annual Fiber Arts Sale in Englewood. If you do more high end work with textiles, you might consider talking to the Rocky Mountain Weavers’ Guild about the show. My favorite was Darlene Danko’s work. Darlene goes by the name Eclectic Fiber Arts. I even watched as someone bought my favorite piece of hers. It just proves that if the work is well-done, there is someone out there who will appreciate it.