Colorado Mills Craft Retailer

My husband and I made our annual Christmas trip out to Colorado Mills Mall on November 30th to check out the new and unusual (preferably non-chain) stores. Pennie Gaudi, owner of A Borgata (the village) in Conifer, also rents out space in her Colorado Mills store to local artists and crafters. Even though her approach is not really consignment, I though I would include this Colorado Mills craft retailer as another potential resource for those of you looking to sell your creations. Located in neighborhood 5, Suite 515 in the mall, her rental prices are based on square footage and can run from $50 per month to $200 per month with a minimum 6 month commitment. She takes a small commission on each sale. Some of you, who have been in the crafting business for a long time, may remember a company called Coomers that used to have a couple of locations in the Denver Metro area and did the same kind of thing. A company called Connections had started a similar idea at Southwest Plaza and then moved to Colorado Mills. Pennie took over that company to create A Borgata at Colorado Mills. I applaud anyone, who helps local crafters get a foot in the door and hope she makes a go of it. I may just have to talk to her myself after the Christmas frenzy dies down a bit!

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