Hairpin Lace Project & Marty Miller Shrug

Hairpin Lace Project & Marty Miller ShrugHairpin Lace Project & Marty Miller Shrug: A visit to Thompson’s Hobbies & Crafts, where I picked up a hairpin lace loom, inspired me to try my hand at a vest. I had seen a loom at a MeetUp group a couple of years ago and thought it was worth $5 to give it a try. Here is the result. The loom is easy to figure out; it’s the loops, once they are removed from the loom, that can create a bit of a mess. It may explain why there aren’t a great many videos and patterns available in hairpin lace. I think the key is to have narrow strips and more stitches in the middle of each, so that the loops are easier to control. I single crocheted the end of each loop together in the white yarn and then slip stitched the sections together in black. I used #4 cotton yarn. The tails or ends that one usually hides, looked decorative, so I decided to trim them evenly and keep them as a light tassel. It was a good first effort, but I’m not 100% satisfied.

Hairpin Lace Project & Marty Miller ShrugMy other project turned out nicely. It is a shrug pattern that uses the simple afghan square. You make one for the back and two more for the arms. You then do a front and back post around the outside of the garment as a ribbing to tie it all together. Don’t forget to do the same kind of ribbing on the end of each sleeve, which I did afterward to add more length to the sleeve. I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely it turned out. I’m in the process of doing a variation on the idea, by making a vest in spring-colored variegated cotton. No sleeves this time. I intend to make 4 smaller squares for the front vest panels and see how it works out. The pattern came from a design by Marty Miller, which you can find on Ravelry under Shrug it on! Make sure you mark the right side at the beginning. It will help when putting on the sleeves, so that the seams are hidden. I had to try it on to figure out how the sleeves connected.

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