Mary Louise Lee, Spring Craftshow, Book for Crafters

I went back to Blair-Caldwell Public Library to another of their Harmony Street Concert Series. This time on April 8th Mary Louise Lee sang accompanied by her keyboard player. Most people know her through her mayor/husband, but her voice is noteable enough for her to stand on her own. Both the current governor and ex-governor Lamm attended. Mary Louise sang standards and I found the slower tunes accentuated her vocals more. She was going to do a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald for Ella’s birthday in late April, but I wasn’t able to make that.

Spring CraftshowI found a fun book at the library that, if you crochet or knit, you just might enjoy. It is called The Yarn Whisperer, My Unexpected Life in Knitting by Clara Parkes. In it she talks about knitting and uses the craft to explain life’s happenings. I found myself relating to quite a bit of it, even though I am a crocheter. It is an easy read and something  yarn lovers will enjoy.

I went to a spring craft show in Mid-April. There I bought a couple of  luggage identifiers–a great way to help distinguish your luggage amongst others. Not only are these handle holders colorful, but they pad the handle for an easier grip. There are a lot of travelers, who use red ribbons, but I like how secure and unique these baggage markers were during our mini-vacation to Las Vegas. I also bought a little travel holder for teabags and a pair of earrings designed by Kelly Anne Munro. They were like the old-fashioned cloth-covered buttons and very pretty.



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