New Retailer and Reader Comments

It seems I am often playing catch up these days. I just wanted to post a new retail and reader comments to catch everyone up. From Scott at Norebbo, who let me use a free web design image: Thanks Linda! I appreciate you letting me know. Your blog looks great by the way…and as a blogger myself I can clearly see that you’ve put a lot of time into it. Nice! I went back and fixed the link so it now should go directly to your site, Scott.

Mary McCannon, who does some creative things with paper, followed up on my December 21, 2015 posting with: I love your blog really wish I knew how to do one, perhaps I should make this my priority. Rita Vali, a very talented potter, commented on that same post date with: Nice blog post. I appreciate the nice comments. Rita

New Retailer and Reader Comments

Wreath of Yarn by We Three Crafts

Finally, I got an email from Jody Fishencord, who said we met at the Ketring Park show last October. She now has an Etsy site, so I thought I would post a photo of what we bought from her and let you see her work for yourself by going to We Three CraftsYou gave my sister, Laurie, and I your business card and said to contact you when we opened our shop on Etsy.  We finally got it opened and are quite excited about it. . . Laurie and I thank you for your interest in our crafts and your support.  Selling online is new to us and there is so much to learn but like I said, we’re getting there.  So, thank you again. Jody

I was buying some yarn a week or so ago and someone mentioned there was a retailer named Tulip that carried work by local artists. Sharon used to have a shop in the Highlands area, where she sold quite a bit of jewelry. She moved her shop now with over 30 local artists and focuses on jewelry, accessories and home decor. She is on South Colorado Boulevard at Iliff.

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