Wendy Woo Sings at Shady Grove

See Wendy Woo Sing at Shady Grove

Wendy and Liz at Shady Grove

I recently got to see Wendy Woo sing at Shady Grove. I’ve heard the name Wendy Woo several times over the years, but have never seen her perform; that is, until tonight at the Shady Grove Picnic Series sponsored by Swallow Hill Music Association. For $10 (less if you are a senior) you can bring a picnic dinner and watch an impromptu performance by talented Denver locals as the sun sets under the cooling clouds. Shady Grove is a grassy section near the oldest house in Denver, better known as the Four Mile House. They sometimes move the area to keep the grass from getting killed from year to year.

I enjoy Wendy Woo’s style of guitar playing, especially when she beats out a percussive accompaniement on it. She also manages to project a very funky sound, as heard in both her “My Mind is Slippin’ and in a Bill Withers classic “Use Me.” Wendy sings songs that reflect what she is feeling and doing in her life. As such, the impression is that she is baring her soul to her audience. It is that intimacy and her vocal clarity that pull you into her musical world and allow you to forget your own for just a few minutes. Tonight she had help with her timing and vocals by Liz Barnez, a fine singer in her own right.

Wendy is an independent person, who manages her own record label. Look for her new CD or get her older work on iTunes. I recommend the songs “Addicted to You” and “Birthday Candles.” She plays in and around Colorado, so keep an eye open for her. If you see Wendy Woo sing at Shady Grove enjoy the ambiance and, if you’re lucky enough, the special effects of a full moon.

Pirate’s Cove in Englewood, Colorado

Pirate's Cove in Englewood, ColoradoI missed out on Adult Night at Pirate’s Cove in Englewood, Colorado. It’s fun to take a swim in the lazy river and do a little serious people-watching. The weather was threatening to ruin things, so I decided to pass and work some more on my web design. I highly recommend Pirate’s Cove in Englewood, Colorado as a little gem for cooling off on those hot summer days.
My first summer squash of the season was deliciously sweet in my salad today, which included buttercrunch lettuce, also from the garden. The tomatoes are looking great, although I swear the so-called cherry tomatoes are shaped more like grapes. They are still green, but it won’t be long now.  Denver has been getting monsoon rains in the afternoon with some flooding. That hasn’t happened in the last several years. The garden likes it.
PS Pirate’s Cove in Englewood, Colorado is due for an expansion as of 2016 and plans are in the making. I put in my own two cents worth, asking for more senior hours maybe once a week. That way if it rains on the one day allowed for seniors, we have more options.


Gardens in Vail

Gardens in Vail

Betty Ford Gardens in Vail

We spent part of the 4th of July weekend with friends in Vail, Colorado. The temperature was perfect for a little sightseeing, biking down Vail Pass and enjoying the music and Farmer’s Market. We spent some time at the Betty Ford Gardens. Admission is free and it has grown since the last time I was there. There are fountains and several levels with both ramps and stairs for easy access. For those, who may want an easy-going day to enjoy nature and sunshine without a lot of sweating, this is a great place to spend some time. Don’t forget to go through the gift shop, which is designed for your inner gardener. The gardens in Vail are a pleasant repast, but even if you don’t want to give up bike riding for a day, you can enjoy individual patches of gardens in Vail neighborhoods throughout town.