Resources for Crafters And Artists

Resources for Artists and CraftersI’ve updated my menu items on my blog by adding a section called Resources for crafters and artists. Under Resources I list all the retailers that I have blogged about in separate posts. Now if you just want a list of those retailers, who cater to local Colorado artists and crafts people, you can link to their websites from this resource list. You don’t have to read through all my posts under the category of Craft and Art Retailers, but I’d sure like you to.

I’ve also included an example of a well-designed artisan website and two resources for obtaining lists of craft and art shows via and a site called ZAPP. The latter allows you to apply to art shows throughout the West using one uniform application and photo-submitting process. As my friend Jan would say, “what a country.” ZAPP also provides a calendar indicating submission deadlines and event dates. You can do an advanced filter and scroll to Colorado and print out the calendar to keep you appreciating creative folks all year long! I think these changes will help make the resources for crafters and artists that I’ve been attempting all along, that much easier to use.

One other change I made was to remove Crafted Gifts from the main menu and move it under the About category, where it belongs. That is for those, who want to know more about my crocheting background.

In the spirit of social media marketing, which I do for other artists and crafters, I figured it was high time to do it for myself. So I put a menu item (aka link) to my Etsy shop account called Crochet Me Critters. I’ve been meaning to put some of my many hats on there, but I’m still thinking that through. In the meantime, I have put on some animal patterns that have been popular with people, who attend some of my craft shows. It seems it is also high time that I take a look at my own site from a critical stance and try to make it as user-friendly as possible. Any suggestions? So many craft shows, so little time.


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